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Microbead (I-Tip)

I-tip extensions (or microbead) are installed with a heat free, glue free, beaded method. The extensions have an aglet-like tip that is secured to the hair with a small light-weight aluminum bead. This method is very discrete and great for clients who have thinner hair.




The client’s hair is fed through the bead with a looping tool, the extension strand is placed inside the bead and pliers crimp the bead in place. Depending on the extensions type used bead sizes range from small-large to achieve the most natural result.


Hair Type: Cuticle Remy Hair

Application: 1.5-3 Hours

Maintenance: 7-8 Weeks

Hair Life Span: 6-12 Months (With proper care)

Hair Lengths Available: 16”-40”

Hair Texture Available: Straight or Beach Wave or Curly

Price: $150 per bag installed (25 pieces per bag), cut & style of your desire

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